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Dear Friend,

What’s the one thing every business person and entrepreneur wants? The one thing that’ll stop ‘em dead in their tracks every time – grabbing them by their interest lapels and commanding their full attention?

It’s really not a trick question. In fact – it’s simple.

The answer is… Money.

How to make it – and how to keep making more of it.

If you can show them, without BS or hype, how to put more coin in their pockets – you’ll be welcome as a winning lottery ticket.

Do you have a list of customers, clients or subscribers who’ll benefit tremendously from making more money? (Duh – That’s a hard one!)
If so, we should "join together" so you too can make a bundle of money by joining my two-tier affiliate program… simply introducing people to my products and services!

Sound like a great idea to you? Then just take a look at this…

Top 12 Reasons Why My
Affiliate Program Kicks Butt!

Important Reason #1: My Websites Convert Like Crazy!

I don't mean to brag - but take a look at my sales letters and my website… and you tell me if that's not some of the best "copywriting" you've ever read in your entire life!

Remember, you're "partnering up" with one of the World's #1 Online Marketing & Website Experts here! I’m always tweaking, testing and perfecting my website sales letters. I never stop working towards higher conversion. And when I convert more… you earn more.

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Important Reason #2: Your Affiliate Payments Sent Every 30 Days!

Like clockwork, your commissions are deposited right into your PayPal account automatically - once each month, every month! Simple, quick and very, very lucrative.  (PayPal is FREE - Just go to www.paypal.com for full details.)

Important Reason #3: Never Worry About The Competition!

That's right! Instead of competing against others selling the same products,  recruit them first as your sub-affiliates! You’ll then earn "override" commissions on their efforts -- thanks to my "two tier" affiliate structure.  So why compete when we can all profit together!

Important Reason #4: Bulletproof Payment System: You ALWAYS GET PAID - Even If The Customer Comes Back And Buys Months Later!

My no-nonsense, no hassle tracking system ensures you get every commission coming your way. My system tracks with both cookies and ID number. So whether your visitor buys something on their first visit or 100th, you’ll still receive a commission anytime within the next 120 days.

Important Reason #5: We Do The Follow-ups! Our Systems Help Create a STREAM of Commissions - For You!

What does this mean? Get a buyer just one time - and make additional commissions by doing nothing … because we follow up, we pay for the autoresponders, we write the e-mails, we return e-mails and we make the sales. Your job? Cash in on the automatic commissions!

We follow up with YOUR buyers with every one of our products. And once again – even if it’s months down the road – you’re still going to get your commission.

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Important Reason #6: Check Your Stats And Visitors Whenever You Want - In Real-Time!

I not only want you to see how you're doing… I insist on it! Check up on the money you're earning by logging in anytime for a quick analysis. Even review your account history, showing you all the sales (and money) you've made since joining up!

Important Reason #7: You're Going To Get Our Exclusive Ready-To-Go Promotional Tools, Including Digital Graphics, Text Links And E-mail Promotions

Talk about a "turnkey" operation! All you need to do is "copy and paste" the text I provide right into your e-mails or websites. Your unique tracking link is specially coded to track your orders automatically… and calculate your income stream accurately!

Important Reason #8: Create Branded PDF e-Books With Your Affiliate Links - With One Push Of A Button!

Here’s a no-brainer: Use my Viral E-book Brander to quickly and easily "brand" and customize MY promotional PDF e-book with YOUR affiliate links! You can give it away or include it as a bonus - and start earning your big-time commissions! Totally awesome.

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Important Reason #9: Our Magnetic Website And Ezine Content Will Grab Your Prospects Interest – and Their Money!

When you sign up for my affiliate program, you’re gonna get something very special. I'll let you publish my highly acclaimed articles on your website or in your ezine – absolutely royalty free!

Not only that, I’m actually urging you to put your own small ad onto these articles with your special tracking code! (And you know now that that special tracking code means you profit from today's sales… and future ones as well.)

This is a super way to promote my stuff (which will, in turn, supercharge your bank account). People access the Internet because they're looking for useful information - and the excellent content on your website will draw them in like politicians to a fundraiser. They'll appreciate the extra effort on your part… and you'll appreciate the money that comes your way whenever they make a purchase.

Important Reason #10: All You Do Is Send Me Visitors!

My team will handle all the paperwork, customer service, the order handling, the shipping and handling, and any questions your customers might have. All you have to do is send me visitors, sit back, and watch your bank account swell! It couldn't be any easier.

Important Reason #11: You Don't Deal With Customer Follow Ups and Upsells – I Do!

As I write this letter, I've got a couple of incredible new offerings ready to go public. And guess who’ll get first dibs and earn some hefty commissions once I release them to the world? You!

Important Reason #12: I Maintain A Tight, Close Relationship With All My Affiliate Partners

My affiliate partners and I almost always become good friends. (People seem to develop warm feelings for you when you send them big, fat commission checks! Go figure.)

As my affiliate partner, you can rest assured of this: If you EVER have ANY questions, or you need some extra help, I’m ALWAYS ready to pitch in.

Why? Call me nuts … but I believe that anyone who makes me money deserves the very best – and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Your Success IS My Success.

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Charlie Cook

P.S. This opportunity to become ONE of my affiliates - although extremely easy to get started - is only for people who are serious about doing something with it. I'm looking to take a personal interest in the success of a few affiliates who’ll really run with this opportunity. It’s like everything else in life – you’ll get out what you put in. Only in this case – you’re gonna get a whole lot more back – believe me!

P.P.S. One last thing. This fantastic opportunity won’t be around forever. When I have enough of those super-affiliates willing to do what it takes to make it big, the opportunity to join in will be slammed shut. So, if you’re truly serious (and not just one of those wanna-be’s forever dreaming and never doing) shake a feather… and join my affiliate program today… before this "hot boiling offer" evaporates for good!


Charlie Cook
Marketing Expert

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